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Foreshore – Light and colour

Jim Robertson


The images do link geographically in that I made them all within a two mile radius of each other and they also form part of a wider photographic geology project which, although my own, is running with the consultation of others. This is ongoing and concentrates on the geology of a specific area. More specifically, the four images form a theme within the project as I find myself being drawn to examine and photograph the light and colour associated with natural arches and overhangs located within the boundaries of the larger project. The location is virtually on my doorstep but Joe may remember visiting the location, which is near to the small village of Hopeman in Moray, as he made photographs in the area which he included in 'Scotland's Coast – A Photographer's Journey'. (Pages 138 - 141)

jim robertson 1-small

jim robertson 2-small

jim robertson 3-small

jim robertson 4-small

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