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Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Urban Landscapes

_DSC-2474536069-O-smallCities offer photographers a myriad of photographic opportunities but capturing wild untamed landscape isn't generally one of them. This raises the question: where do urban dwelling landscape photographers go to practice their craft? The obvious answer is out of town, but that isn't always practical, let alone environmentally sound. If the criteria is somewhere that's accessible via a city's public transport the challenge is a tough one.

With no rock outcrops or rain forests the task in London would appear to be particularly formidable. There are numerous parks, commons and heaths, many of which are absolutely lovely but they tend to be well cared for and have a manicured feel. Parts of Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath are slightly more unkempt, but they're well photographed. That's another criteria in this hypothetical challenge: to avoid standing where numerous other photographers have set their tripods.

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