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Sun on Rum

Harvey Lloyd-Thomas

Harvey Lloyd-Thomas

A photographer who enjoys exploring wilder and remoter landscapes, searching out unseen details, while attempting the occasional photographic vista. Also partial to the odd image of rust and decay


A set of images attempting to dispel the myth that it is not possible to make worthwhile landscape photographs under harsh overhead sun.

On a trip to the Small Isles of Scotland, we visited by boat the remote beach of Bagh Rubha Mhoil Ruaidh on the north-east side of Rum.

I literally turned my back on the views of the Black Cuillin across the water on Skye and for several hours concentrated on the 100 metres or so stretch of beach. With its mostly near perfect pebbles, excepting some stained with seahorse shapes. Highlighted by seaweed/slime, sometimes in single strands and sometimes coating boulders into gold nuggets.





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