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Interview With David Breen of Triplekite Publishing

A New Publishing Venture

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

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We have recently seen the release of an inaugural book from large format photographer Dav Thomas - "With Trees" reviewed elsewhere in this issue. Dav is a friend of On Landscape, having written a few articles in the past, and also a friend of the editor, Tim Parkin. Dav mentions that he was cajoled into the book by the twitter community and credits David Breen, his publisher, as being the enabler of the book and Director of Triplekite Publishing.

We had a chat with David Breen and asked him a few questions about the project and future plans. We've included a few pictures from the first print run of Dav's book at the Gutenberg press in Malta.

Where has Triplekite Publishing come from and why was the business created?

Triplekite is a business I started a few years ago when I left my employment with Virgin. It was set up predominantly to deliver corporate development consultancy, which may seem to be a long way from book publishing. I would probably put down the venturing into book publishing to firstly, my collecting of "photo books" and secondly, as a reaction to the quality of some of the things I was buying. And probably in true Virgin style I had a moment when I thought to myself, I should just publish books then. That way I can diversify my business attentions a little and bring into reality the kinds of books I most enjoy at the quality I want them. Triplekite Publishing is therefore a fledgling business which is planned to sit alongside my core business.


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