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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge

Tim: Can you tell us about your involvement from the exhibition as you’ve been involved from the start?

Mark: It’s four years now. I was one of the people that Pete invited originally to do the exhibition and when we first started we didn’t even know how we were going to do it so Dav designed the display boards and stuff like that and spent a long time painting them.

T: Are they the same boards or have they had to be rebuilt?

M: They are the same boards but they’ve been repainted a couple of times I think. I know they’ve been reused for other things. Dav and I were here for the very first time where we worked out how and where to put them up.

T: It’s nice how they are arranged as well in zig-zags – hopefully people can see that in the images with this article.

M: I think the idea was that they would be easier to keep upright that way without extra support. The layout works well though I think.

T: And has your photography changed since the first exhibition?

M: Yes that’s true although interestingly there are two pictures here that I photographed before the first exhibition – the US pictures – and there are a couple that I photographed before the second exhibition. So the pictures here do cover the whole time that I’ve been involved with the exhibition

T: Everybody has had to work out how to arrange their images across four boards. You’ve arranged things so that you have travel images on the outside and local images in the middle and interestingly a whole set of iPhone images in strips down the centre, which you’ve been saying have received more attention than your other images

M: Yes. I guess they are different as there are only a few images in the exhibition that are small and none as small as the iPhone images I’m showing.

T: Do you think the interest is because they are mobile phone pictures? Do people know that they’re phone pictures before they look at them?

M: I don’t know – you tell me – would you know they were mobile phone pictures.


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