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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Cloud and Sea

Cloud and Sea

Tim: You’re one of the original and ongoing contributors to the exhibition. How did you get involved?

Jonathan: Pete asked me when he first set it up, I’ve known Pete for quite a while and he had the idea and asked me if I wanted to be involved and it sounded like a great plan so that was the start. It’s all Pete’s work really putting it together.

T: Did you get press ganged into the setting up of the exhibition space?

J: I would have done I think but I live so far away it’s a bit awkward.

T: You’re not near Southwell then

J: No, I’m down in Epsom so I avoided the fun that those the other guys had painting boards and stuff.

T: Have you seen many changes in your own photography since the exhibition?

J: Not really – I tend to take pictures to please myself but your photography changes unwittingly over time from seeing other peoples work and experimenting etc. Technology comes along that makes changes as well. For instance I really like the Lee Big Stopper filter, I’m a sucker for that, I like the whole of slowing things down. I have a busy life so long exposures seems quite opposite to that which I find quite soothing and quite relaxing. So things like that have come in over that time and changed things a little.

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