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Blind Critique Dav Thomas and David Breen

Webinar Recording from 28th January 2014

Dav Thomas

Tree loving photographer, mainly using large format film cameras but also flirts with other formats.


David Breen


I hope you've had time to drop in on one of our blind critique sessions over the last couple of months. Dav Thomas and David Breen, the two directors of Triplekite Publishing, took part in one at the end of January and it was most enjoyable to take part in (although Dav teasing us with his malt whisky was almost too much to bear - next time send some over Dav!)

The webinars are open to anyone and we upload recordings of the results to You Tube for people to look at should they miss the webinar or wish to have another look through.

We'll be continuing these critiques into 2014 on a regular basis and so please don't stop sending pictures in as we all learn from people's opinions on every picture.

Dav Thomas and David Breen


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