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Clive Vosper

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Clive Vosper

Clive studied Printmaking, Painting and Photography at Brighton Polytechnic in the 1960’s. He returned to Brighton University in 1986 to study for a MA in Fine Art Printmaking. He has exhibited widely in London and the South East of England, and has had two solo shows in the USA where he was invited to lecture on his work. Photography,Printmaking and Drawing are mediums of choice. The subject of the work is Landscape in all its aspects. Its forms, its history, climate and moods. He adds his vision, mood and 'response to the place', the light, and the weather to create his images.



Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation ?

My early interest in photography was the usual, my uncle gave me a camera when I was 12, it was a twin lens reflex Ensign and I took mainly family and domestic photographs.
However, I became completely absorbed in photography during my time as an Art student in the 60’s studying Fine Art Painting at Brighton. As part of our curriculum we were given tuition in sculpture, printmaking and photography and I found myself gravitating towards those processes. I developed many ways of using photography in subjects such as screen printing, etching and relief printing. I was taught photography, including dark room work, by Lawrence Cutting, a part time lecturer at the time and he became a good friend and I used to drive him to his assignments and be his assistant.

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