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Route 66

A Photographer's Paradise

Martin Smith

A Hertfordshire based master photographer who has spent many years photographing London and the World.


Route 66, The Mother Road. Taking in eight states, the route once  epitomised the American dream. In the forties and fifties it’s travellers would journey from Chicago in the east to Los Angles in the west. The reason for the journey was the journey itself. The image of Route 66 was its cars, hotels, diners, gas stations and the people that made the experience remarkable.

Roll forward more than half a century and things are now very different. In the seventies and eighties the US interstate roads by passed the towns and cities along route 66, which together with the road itself, fell into decline. Today Route 66 exists only in sections, but those sections are really worth visiting. Much of the route has become the interstates i-55 and i-40, roads which are also worth travelling. Many of the towns and cities from the heyday are still there. Some are in better condition than others but all are worthy of a look. And whilst much may now be faded it is still the cars, hotels, diners, and gas stations, not forgetting the people that continue to make the experience of today fascinating. Perhaps in a different way to how it was all those years ago, but a journey along route 66 is still unforgettable.



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