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Garry Brannigan

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Garry Brannigan

I've been around photography and photographers for more than three decades. For the last ten years I’ve been running photographic workshops, and the previous twenty years were spent editing photojournalism on UK national newspapers.


Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation?

I was born in Sheffield. My Dad was a newspaper editor, my Mum a mother and housewife. Dad worked all hours in his office in the city centre, but I preferred being outdoors and as our back garden opened out into woodland, that’s where I remember spending my childhood when I wasn’t at school. We then moved to the edge of the Peak District and in my early teenage years I explored further afield on the moors and along the rivers. I was in the Scouts and by good luck the leader wasn’t into uniforms and badges, he wanted to be outdoors even more than I did, so we camped, canoed, night hiked and built rope bridges. I enjoyed it all.


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  • Douglas Griffin

    A lovely insightful interview. Have been a fan of Gary’s photography and writing for a while – nice to read something of the man behind the words and images!

  • Kevin Fidler

    Superb series of varied photos and a very interesting article – it’s always interesting to read or hear what enthuses or attracts the photographer and compare them to the images. An interesting point is Garry’s attitude to his home area and how he sees it differently when he has travelled; perhaps a point there for many of us to ponder.

  • breenster

    As the first person who taught me how to use a camera properly it is a delight to see Garry in these pages. I was a fan then, and still am today, you have a quiet way about your photography which matches your gentlemanly manner perfectly, a lovely congruence.

    We are long overdue a coffee…

    • Anybody who uses the word congruence deserves to be bought a coffee. Thanks for your kind words David, I will be in touch.

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