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Book Review – Pierino’s Snowdonia

A review of Pierino's latest book on Snowdonia

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Pierino Algieri, as the name probably suggests, hails not from Wales but from Southern Italy, only settling in Wales after a tortuous Second World War. I wouldn’t mention this biographical aside but it’s part of the joy of this small photographic book. Pierino has written what is effectively part family history, part diary, part photo guide and part ode to the Welsh countryside. The passion for photography and family reflect each other well and after a foreword by Peter Ogden, director of the campaign for the protection of rural wales we get a short but beautiful potted family history, a short intro by Pierino about his own introduction to photography and then a series of 198 images of Wales, each accompanied by a short description of the location or how the shot was taken.

What this all amounts to is a photographic history of Pierino’s experiences exploring the Welsh countryside over the last decade. I loved leafing through the book and every time I do I think “Why don’t I go to Wales instead of the Lakes sometime?”.

If you’re interested in one mans view of his home country I can highly recommend this charming book. You can buy the book (and see more of Pierino’s photography) at his website (Algieri Images)




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