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Sarah Al Sayegh

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Sarah Alsayegh

Sarah is a Kuwaiti based Photographer who specializes in Landscape and Cityscape Photography. Sarah's love for photography came from her father. She started it as a hobby in the early years of 2005 and evolving her passion for photography since.


Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation?

I was born and raised in State of Kuwait. Photography was not part of my education during my studies as I have graduated in Bachelor Degree in Accounting, but it was a part of our family life. When I was about 7 years old I have witness the Gulf War in back in 1990 and before that time my father used to take a lot of pictures of us during our childhood life My father was a Journalist in a local news agency and a local news paper I remember him holding the camera and taking pictures of our childhood and daily life. I can say that I was fascinating with the final images when my father used to share the results of those memories.

Through those memories and 11 years later I was fascinating with the those results. So the first time held a camera was in 2001 where my father gave me an old Konica film camera and I used to take a lot of pictures specially with black and white films. Later I stopped because I was busy with my college study but after graduation in 2005 and a part of killing my free time while searching for a job I started taking pictures as a hobby with a simple point-and-shot camera of a sunset sunrises and people and the love of photography started at that point. Later in 2006 I owned my first digital semi-professional camera a Nikon D50 and evolved to a professional camera D700 later in 2007. During that time I can say I was searching for a type of photography where I can see my self in then I realized that I love Landscape photography and from that point I started to take it seriously.

Sarah Al Sayegh

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