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Interview with Paul Moon

Paul talks about his relationship with the Yorkshire Wolds

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Paul Moon

Paul is a Yorkshire Wolds based landscape photographer who spends his time exploring the hidden dry chalk dales that are a unique feature of the area. His images have been used to publicise the Yorkshire Wolds Way National Trail.


(narrative transcribed from a recorded interview which can be viewed at the bottom of the page)


Tim: Hello and welcome to On Landscape and I am sitting here with Paul Moon. We are going to be talking to tonight about your relationship with the Yorkshire Wolds.

Paul: Thanks, Tim. It’s nice to be here, despite the long drive; all of one mile.

Tim: Yes, since my move to the Yorkshire Wolds, we have been quite a bit closer, even though I don’t get out to a huge amount of photography myself. Although, we have been out together in the Yorkshire Wolds before I moved up here, a few years ago when you were posting to Flickr regularly. But you’ve stopped posting on Flickr?

Paul: Yes, I spent ten years photographing the Wolds. The first few years, I was getting used to the place, understanding how to use the camera, and I would occasionally get good results. I started going on to Flickr, using it regularly to make contacts with some great photographers, seeing the work they were producing. They would encourage me, and there was a great complement of photographers whose work I was very impressed with and gradually I built up a portfolio of work that I could post.

After four years or so, I became disillusioned with it. It isn’t the other people, but I felt that I was doing justice to the landscape, because I would post images from a couple of hours out with the camera at the weekend, but I wasn’t really showing what was out there to be seen. There would be one or two disconnected images from different locations and times of day, and they wouldn’t actually show what the area was like in a cohesive way, it was just showing what I had been up to at the weekend. In the end I wasn’t satisfied with it and I felt that it was showing what I wanted it to.

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