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Martyn Lucas

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Martyn Lucas

I am drawn to the Polar Regions whose magnificence stands as a monument to nature in all its grandeur of light, space, texture and form. As a lover of music, I find amidst the ice and water, a never-ending array of melodies, harmonies and overtones: music captured in ice.


Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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This issue we have Bolton born Martyn Lucas and his pretty spectacular arctic, antarctic and sub-arctic work.

Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation?

Individually and together, my parents educated me about right and wrong, ignited my passion for creating images, introduced me to walking for long periods of time, and were in essence my guardians and my friend. You see I grew up as an only child in Bolton, Lancashire. My father was an avid amateur photographer, and I spent many hours in the darkroom with him experiencing the magic of black and white images appearing on paper suspended in what I thought was water at the time. I remember using small chemists' scales to weigh dry chemicals for the chemical formula of my father's developer of choice, Willie Beutler. My parents were very adventurous walkers, and as a family, we spent most weekends and holidays walking and scrambling in the hills and mountains of England. Photography and the outdoors became my constant companions. My first real camera given to me by my parents was a German made Welta with Zeiss lens; I was nine at the time, it was a beautiful folding camera, perfect for mountain climbing. As I matured, music became important to me like a friend, and I loved to listen to Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg usually while in my bedroom as I fell asleep at night! Later, while at engineering college in Liverpool I continued my passion for photography using a Canon FTQL. I also began mountaineering before setting off for London to work for Britain’s largest oil company where I invested my time and career path for 10 years. During that time, throughout the 1970’s I should say, I gained a Mountain Instructor's Certificate and led adventurous trekkers into the Himalayas and elsewhere. A defining moment in my journey happened on one trip to Everest base camp in 1977 when I met an American man who would ultimately become my employer, boss and best friend. His friendship influenced me in such a way that I moved to America in 1980, and through the continuous and sinuous shifts in my life, I finally identify myself as a photographer and artist.


what are you most proud of in your photography?

John Sexton, a photographer I had had the greatest admiration for shortly thereafter schooled me in the use of my 4x5 Linhof Master Technika view camera
What brings me the most pride is the privilege of bringing a sense of the world to others who might never be fortunate enough to feel, breathe and experience it---giving others the chance to see life within an unfamiliar landscape.

In most photographers lives there are 'epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main moments and how did they change your photography?

My passion for photography has endured many a journey. An encounter with Ansel Adams in Yosemite in 1981 was a profound moment in my life. It was truly inspiring to be amongst so many gifted photographers and instructors. I began to compose differently, more precisely and observe the light with a visual clarity continuing through to the final print. In fact, John Sexton, a photographer I had had the greatest admiration for shortly thereafter schooled me in the use of my 4x5 Linhof Master Technika view camera. He also instructed me on how to fine tune the black and white print. Sexton is a truly gifted photographer, educationalist and master of the black and white print! I've been humbled many times in my life by extraordinary photographers, both those I've met and those I haven't.

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