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4×4 Portfolio

The Art of Getting Out There

Matt Botwood

Matt Botwood is a landscape photographer based in the Brecon Beacons who takes a predominantly project-based approach to photography. Taking time to explore subjects in depth over an extended period, using a variety of creative aproaches and tending to gravitate towards monochrome.


Glenn Wakeford

Glenn Wakeford, 31, is an amateur photographer based in South West London in the less leafy area of Surrey. His focus is largely landscape and abstract photography, and has spent the last year mostly shooting in small, messy woodlands.


LLoyd Spencer

Peter Atkinson

Talking with a good friend made me realise how long I have enjoyed cameras, but only in the last decade have I discovered photography, learning, and a style. I was lucky to have been dragged up hills as a child and this has given me a gift of the love of landscapes; my parents are also responsible for my love of beer, and the realisation that life can bring opportunities if you seek them.
My brother is a photographer by occupation and lives in Seattle and one day we will develop that joint website that we have talked much of doing.

Our new feature this issue is 4x4, a set of four mini portfolios each consisting of four images related in some way. If you would like to submit your own 4x4 portfolio please visit this page for submission information.

Matt Botwood

Travels in a Strange Land - Dark Spaces

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