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Masters of Vision 2015

Pete Bridgwood talks about the forthcoming exhibition

Pete Bridgwood

I started making photographs in 1978 using black and white film and manual cameras. I processed all my own films and prints using wet-process in a traditional darkroom. My workflow is now exclusively digital. I am passionate about the emotional aspects of photography. I see the photographic image as a three-way relationship between the subject, the viewer and the photographer. The joy of creative photography comes from encapsulating the soul or spirit of the location or subject and communicating that captured perception to the viewer of the final print. For me, even in this digital-age, it’s all about the final print.



After winning Amateur Photographer Of The Year in 2007 I was invited to mount a solo exhibition in Southwell Minster entitled ‘Landscape’. I subsequently had some more good fortune, becoming a category winner in Landscape Photographer Of The Year in 2008 and while being interviewed about my winning image by Radio Sheffield, I was introduced to Dav Thomas, who had also enjoyed success that year. When I was invited back to plan a further exhibition in the Minster for the summer of 2009, I contacted Dav and the two of us, along with local photographers Mark Gould and Chris Upton set about planning a large exhibition with imposing stands occupying the whole Nave, a massive space.


I wanted to create something spectacular, something that would bring visitors to my home town and introduce others to the wonderful world of landscape photography. I was being given an opportunity to put something back into photography, to do something for the genre that had given me so much pleasure.

The original idea was to curate a major exhibition featuring the work of an established master landscape photographer and to exhibit prints from some emerging photographers alongside that of the master. As far as I am aware, this was the first time such an exhibition had been held in the UK.
I invited Charlie Waite to occupy the role of ‘Master’ photographer and ‘Masters Of Vision Exhibition’ or ‘MOVE’ was born, with Charlie at the helm, the original four photographers, Jonathan Horrocks and Damien Demolder.

Subsequent biennial exhibitions have displayed the work of Chris Friel, Steve Watkins, Antony Spencer, David Baker, with David Noton and Joe Cornish taking the lead exhibitor roles.

Master of Vision 2015

Masters of Vision 2015 will be the fourth exhibition and we’ve witnessed an exponential rise in popularity with each event. This is partly due to the high standard of work on show, but also because the opening weekend is so well attended by the landscape fraternity.


People come from all over the country and abroad to see the exhibition and we try to ensure we create space for them to mingle, to chat and to network. Southwell has a fairly central location, so it’s a natural geographic hub for such an event and although not immediately obvious, I can’t think of a more perfect setting for a landscape photography exhibition. Whatever your religious sensitivities, browsing the exhibits at Masters of Vision in the soulful atmosphere and stunning architectural backdrop of Southwell Minster is a moving experience.

The format of the exhibition has changed for 2015. Rather than having a nominated master photographer, we are mounting an equitable group show featuring the work of several master photographers. I have brought together some of the finest landscape photographers in the country; the chance to see exhibited prints from such celebrated artists, all in one place will be spectacular. I’m hugely grateful to our generous sponsors:

Fotospeed, Fujifilm and LEE filters, their support has enabled us to mount the biggest exhibition to date, again occupying the entire Nave.

Exhibiting Photographers

We have a very exciting line-up this year: Valda Bailey is shaking the world of fine-art photography with her amazing impressionistic images and seascape supremo David Baker is returning this year after his breathtaking ‘Sea Fever’ debut in MOVE 2013. Julian Calverley is usually found photographing major campaigns for the likes of Aston Martin
and Land Rover, but landscapes are his passion and he’s showing work from his ‘iPhone Only’ book for MOVE 2015. David Anthony Hall is one of Britain’s best known tree photographers and few experiences can match seeing his beautiful huge arboreal images up close. Paul Kenny needs no introduction, he is an artist who challenges the very definition of landscape photography with his unique vision and finally Mark Littlejohn, the reigning champion of Landscape Photographer Of The Year and master of colour, will be exhibiting images to move the heart and mind of any viewer. We hope to mount a spectacular exhibition for you this year.

Come and Join us for a Private Viewing

All readers are warmly invited to come and join all the exhibiting photographers for a Private Viewing of Masters Of Vision 2015 on Friday July 24th from 6.30pm until 11pm.

The Big Idea

On Sunday 23rd August we’re hosting a unique day-long masterclass event, a workshop in partnership with Outdoor Photography Magazine and our sponsors: Fotospeed, Fujifilm and LEE filters. All the exhibiting photographers will be offering their visionary perspectives and for any landscape photographers wishing to further their own creativity, this is an
event not to be missed. See the MOVE website for details


Valda Bailey

Pete Bridgwood

Paul Kenny

Mark Littlejohn

Julian Calverley

David Baker

David Anthony Hall

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