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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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We’ve wanted to feature mini portfolio’s of images for some time and from next issue that is exactly what we plan to do. We’re not just after your ‘best’ images but we’re after a set of images that fit into a ‘theme’ of some sort; that hang together in a creative way, hopefully more than just geographic but that would be if the pictures are strong enough and ‘work’ together.

Submitting Images

If you want to submit images to the 4x4 section, please provide links to images in the form below. We use 2048px versions in the magazine and 1000px versions for the website. You can send us the dropbox links or if appropriate wetransfer them over and let us know.


Other information

We’d also like a paragraph or two of text and a black and white 4x5 headshot (at 400px by 500px for the mag please). The text should give some background on why the images relate to each other.

We want as diverse a set of work as possible so feel free to just pop us an email at submissions@onlandscape.co.uk to ask us a few questions if you like.

What does four by four mean? Well, to begin with it means four photographs by four photographers but it’s other meaning is about getting out there, past the obstacles that inevitably get in your way, and doing your own thing. We hope that means something to you too..

Please visit this page to submit your pictures but feel free to drop us a line if you're unsure about anything.


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