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4×4 Portfolio

Dave Varo, Christos Andronis, Camillo Berenos & Andrew Tobin

Andrew Tobin

Andrew is a recovering sports photographer. After covering the 2014 World Cup in Brazil for the UK national newspapers, he chucked it in and decided to shoot for personal enjoyment with a focus on landscape photography. 


Camillo Berenos

I am an amateur landscape photographer based in Edinburgh. As a biologist by training, I am passionate about the outdoors in general, and wild areas more specifically. As a keen hiker, much of my photography is done at higher levels in the Scottish Highlands.


Christos Andronis

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. By profession I am a Biologist. In the late 90′s I moved to California for my post-graduate training. Being able to experience some of the locations that inspired the big legends of landscape photography was key in my taking up landscape photography seriously. That interest eventually turned into a passion. In the last decade I have been living and photographing in Greece. My images usually focus on intimate views of the landscape, small fragments of a greater whole, that when put together, hopefully depict the “essence” and beauty of Nature in Greece.


Dave Varo

Dave Varo is a an aspirational landscape photographer usually to be found in the Peak District or Lake District, or his native Yorkshire.


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way. If you would like to submit your own 4x4 portfolio please visit this page for submission information.

Andrew Tobin

Uncommon Views


  • Some lovely sets here. ‘Sets’ being the key word. Personally, I find this a refreshing series that OnLandscape puts together.

    I’ve never met you, Andrew, but I’ve just taken a look at your blog and all I can say is “Welcome”. I suspect you’ll not be experiencing quite the same aggression in your new direction, though as it seems you live relatively close by to me, I hope you never beat me to my chosen location …. !!!

    • tobers

      Thanks Barry! Believe me, landscaping is a very different world to the craziness of top-flight sports photography. I have my David Ward Assynt masterclass booked for February 2016 which promises to be fantastic – can’t wait.

  • Four very different sets but all equally interesting in content. Thanks to all.

    Dave your ‘Under The Cliffs’ set particularly resonates with me as I have a similar ongoing project centred around a little area in my part of the world called Clashach Cove. I downloaded your free ebook by the way so thanks for that. Great idea.

  • David Hawkes

    Another enjoyable and inspiring set of sets! A really good idea imho.

  • Marc Elliott

    A lovely set by all – though the series by Christos are particularly compelling .

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