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“Mistresses of Light” Exhibition

in OXO Gallery

Beata Moore

Beata Moore is a professional photographer and author. Her work is diverse, from wider views to smaller details and abstract images, both in colour and black & white. She attained a postgraduate degree in botany and her photographs show a strong affinity towards the woodlands and the sea, but also a fascination with human ingenuity in creating architectural masterpieces.


Vanda Ralevska

Vanda Ralevska

I like those moments in time when everything goes quiet, my heartbeat gets faster, I take a deep breath and the time stops… until the shutter clicks and the moment that took your breath away is preserved… forever…


“Mistresses of Light” exhibition that opens in OXO Gallery on the 9th of September 2015 and lasts until the 13th of September celebrates the art of landscape photography created by women artists.

There are twelve contributing photographers in the exhibition, and what brought us together was our passion for landscapes and photography. The “Mistresses of Light” title reflects our fascination with the unsurpassed light in the natural world and our constant effort to capture it.

It has been a long journey that started many years ago, when there were two of us. We always shared our love for landscape photography and we often wondered if there were other like-minded women out there. As we could not see many women being published in this genre, we decided to look for them. We simply could not believe that there weren't any. Since then we found many extremely talented female photographers, which led us to starting a supportive community called “Landscapes by Women”. Our aim is to bring together, encourage, and raise the profile of female landscape photographers.


We use our website, Facebook page and Flickr group to showcase some of their stunning work, though it is just a small sample of the amazing creativity that exists within the community. After three years of intensive work on social media it seemed natural to make the next step and create an exhibition which would bring some of our work to a wider audience. The choice of the venue was obvious for us.

The OXO gallery in London is an ideal place to show your art. It is a remarkable space with an extraordinary quality of light, and it is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Our event coincides with Totally Thames festival that brings the river to life with a month-long season of river-related events. So it is an additional encouragement to visit our exhibition as there will be a lot to see in the gallery and nearby.

We believe that the exhibition has something to offer to everybody. The visitors can appreciate classic open vistas as well as intricate details of the natural world, soft tones of autumnal scenes, serene long exposure seascapes, or beauty of shifting sands and shoreline dunes. It is the diversity of individual interpretations with one common element – unparalleled light on the land and sea, which makes this exhibition unique.

Venue address:
OXO Tower Wharf
South Bank

Opening hours: 11.00-18.00

Contributing Photographers

Sue Bishop


Sue Bishop specialises in flower and landscape photography. Her aim is to create an image that goes beyond a simple record of its subject and becomes art, and her compositions are a celebration of colour, light and shape. Her distinctive images are impressionistic and ethereal, with a simplicity of composition, evoking her love of the natural world.

Sue has exhibited her work many times in venues including the Mall Galleries and Christies, London, and in 2004 she held a six week solo exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Library in London SW1. As well as selling prints of her images, she has contributed photographs and articles to photographic magazines and has sold work for use in travel brochures, calendars and books.

Flower photography is a particular passion, and Sue has written two books on the subject, "Photographing Flowers”, and "Digital Flower Photography". Her most recent book, "Color, Light & Composition", covers general principles of photography and is illustrated with both landscape and flower images. Sue is an inspirational lecturer and experienced workshop leader. In 1994 she and Charlie Waite founded Light & Land, a company that organises photographic holidays all over the world.

Susan Brown


Sue is a photographer with 35 years experience. She is very committed to the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and sits on the Distinction Assessment Panels.


Sue has exhibited widely. Six of her works have been in the Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY), 4 of which were exhibited at the National Theatre.

Images accepted in the International RPS print exhibition for 3 consecutive years, which toured the UK in prestigious venues.

Solo exhibition at the RPS headquarters in Bath 2015 Various galleries in the S.W. Work regularly displayed at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen Exhibited widely in hospital venues as part of her interest in “Arts for Health”.


  • An image from LPOTY in the Sunday Times
  • 8 page article in Advanced Photography Magazine
  • 8 page article in RPS journal
  • Featured Photographer in On Landscape
  • Other articles in various magazines/newspapers
  • Co-author of Arena publication “The Coast”

Sue has work in various collections including the headquarters of Ordnance Survey. She has been interviewed on Radio 4’s pm programme on Landscape Photography. Sue has become known for her work on tidal sea pools, an ongoing project in UK and Australia where her elder Daughter lives.

Karen Frenkel


Karen's interest in photography and wild places started in childhood, when at the age of 12 she was given her first SLR camera and would eagerly follow her parents up into the mountains of northern Britain.

In 1993, a move to the Peak District inspired her, and by 1996 she quit her career as a research chemist to become a full time landscape photographer. Her particular enthusiasm is to be out in wild places and stormy weather seeking out those fleeting moments when dramatic landscape and light help create images that look like paintings. To do this in the field with a minimum of computational “fiddle” usually requires perseverance and an understanding of light and weather. She considers time on the computer as life wasted so does as little manipulation as possible!

Over the years Karen’s work has been published in books, calendars, tourist brochures and magazines throughout the country. She also runs her own greetings cards business and sells fine art prints. She has written and illustrated two award winning books published by Frances Lincoln - Peak Landscape and Light - A Photographer’s Guide to the Peak District (2010) and The Coast to Coast Walk (2012).

Charlotte Gilliatt


Charlotte Gilliatt is an award winning and published fine art photographer. Photography has been her passion for all of her adult life, but more seriously for the past five years, winning numerous awards along the way.

Charlotte grew up in London’s east end; an urban environment is home to her…part of her make up. Self taught; her photography turned a corner after attaining success in the Urban Category of Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013.

Charlotte’s ‘trademark’ night and low light photography conveys a mood, atmosphere and emotion which transcends the viewer into another age, long since past. And in contrast to her shots of the city, there is a serene softness to her depictions of land and sea, where the shadows of bricks and concrete are replaced by glowing, salty skies and fog tinged landscapes.

She has recently made the move from digital to shooting with film and vintage medium format cameras, preferring the beautiful imperfections and feel that can be achieved with film, something that is difficult to emulate with a digital sensor.

Cheryl Hamer


Cheryl is a landscape photographer based in North Wales and has been published in Outdoor Photography, Amateur Photographer magazines and Landscape Photography magazine. She had her first solo exhibition in the H’Artworks Gallery on Anglesey last year, and now has a permanent display there.

Cheryl also runs two photography businesses – ‘Cheryl Hamer Photography’ and ‘Women Behind the Lens’. They both offer a variety of photography workshops and holidays in the UK and worldwide; the former offers generic workshops, and the latter specialist workshops just for women.

Cheryl enjoys helping others to develop their own photography almost as much as she does making her own images. She loves being out in the outdoors soaking up the atmosphere of a location; it’s where she 'connects' with something 'bigger' than herself and her day to day life. She hopes that in some small way through her photography, she can communicate the joy that she finds in our world.

Deborah Hughes


After raising three sons and selling her accounting firm ten years ago, Deborah eloped with her creative self and honeymooned through the wilderness landscapes surrounding her home in southern Utah.

Poetry has been a companion through which Deborah has rearranged and comprehended the light and shadow of her life since childhood. As she wandered the desert, the camera tagged along to visually berth impressions and experiences gathered to birth future poems.

Deborah separated from the written word for a time and fell in love with photography after her first meet-up with a DSLR in 2010. She learned the body of the camera like a lover - its sensitivities, its wide openings, its shudder. Together they explored alternative and intimate compositions beneath and beyond the covers of night and day. Deborah has also been a featured photographer in On Landscape.

Recently, writing has moved back into the picture requesting a seat alongside the full-grown, full-frame sensor. Words and images now rough and tumble around with the details of nature within the kaleidoscope of Deborah's personal vision. What’s been missing from this picture is you. It’s your turn to look and to see.

Marianthi Lainas


Marianthi is a freelance photographer based on the Wirral peninsula. Having spent most of her life living a stone's throw from the sea, her work is mainly inspired by the shifting sands, dune systems and ever-changing skies that she encounters on daily walks close to her home and during frequent visits to the Western Isles of Scotland.

Whatever the location, Marianthi is fascinated by the changing relationships between light, shape and form. She loves the breathing space and sense of calm that being out in the landscape gives her, and hopes to evoke some of these emotions through her work.

Marianthi exhibits regularly and her work is currently represented by two galleries in the North West of England and one on the Outer Hebridean Isle of Lewis.

In 2012 Marianthi received the Photographer of the Year award from Practical Photographer magazine. She has images in private collections in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia and also undertakes commissions producing artwork for commercial clients. She has also been  a featured photographer in On Landscape.

Sarah Medway


Sarah Medway trained at Ravensbourne College of Art and gained a BA Hons in Graphic Design. Her passion for photography started whilst studying for her degree where photography was an integral part of her studies. She now runs her own graphic design company, it is alongside her design business that she also pursues her passion for photography.

The marriage of light on land, for Sarah, is the key factor and at the heart of her work. She enjoys the way light and weather transforms the landscape momentarily, revealing cloudscapes, atmosphere and textures.

She has won the Kent Wildlife Trust Photographer of the Year award. Her work has appeared in various publications and books including, Coast Magazine, BBC Countryfile magazine, Surrey Life and The Great Outdoors. Sarah has also been commissioned by Leeds Castle to photograph the castle and grounds over a year to record the changing seasons, culminating in new products for the castle and an exhibition of her work.

Sarah is based in Kent where the diverse, vibrant landscape of the coast and countryside of Kent, Surrey and Sussex features heavily in her work - a joy and challenge to have rolling hills and valleys, along with wide horizons and big skies to capture.

Beata Moore


Beata Moore is a professional outdoor photographer and writer. She attained a postgraduate degree in botany and her work shows the affinity with the natural world and care about the environment.

Beata’s images are distinctive; bold colours and strong composition enable her to perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the places. Versatile and creative, she always strives to get that special image from the mosaic of forms, textures and light. Her love of colour heavily influenced by the paintings of Turner and Monet is strongly visible in her impressionistic photographic works, where longer exposure and intentional camera movement allows her to achieve the smooth, pastel colours conveying forms and emphasizing the effects of light.

Beata has written a number of books including “The Channel Islands”, “The Surrey Hills”, “Portrait of Wimbledon”, “The Square Mile – photographic portrait of the City”, “A Year in the life of the New Forest”, “Cracow: City of Treasures”, and “A Year in the Life of the Cotswolds”. Her photographs have been published in numerous magazines and books and her work has been exhibited at galleries across the UK. She has been a previous featured photographer in On Landscape.

Beata is a co-founder of “Landscapes by Women”, an online community connecting female landscape photographers all over the world.

Vanda Ralevska


Vanda Ralevska is a landscape and seascape photographer based in London. She is always searching for those fleeting moments of magic that transform our world into something extraordinary.

She finds inspiration in quiet scenes and the intimate detail that abounds in nature. In her images she strives to reflect the atmosphere, feeling, and sheer wonderment that our natural world can evoke within us. For Vanda, photography is more than just a recording of where she has been. It is about encompassing the whole experience of being in the great outdoors, and trying to capture that one special moment that leaves a lasting impression on us.

Vanda's images and articles have been published in magazines and exhibited in the UK and abroad. Her images have been awarded “highly commended”, “commended” and second prize in category in the annual International Garden Photographer of the Year competition in 2013 and 2014. She as been previous interviewed as featured photographer in On Landscape.

Vanda is also a member of the Arena Photographers and Landscape Collective UK groups, gives talks at camera clubs throughout the UK and has lectured abroad.

Vanda is a co-founder of “Landscapes by Women”, an online community connecting female landscape photographers all over the world. A collection of Vanda’s images from London have been brought together in a self-published book entitled “From London with Love”.

Rachael Talibart


Rachael Talibart is a fine art photographer with a particular interest in landscape.

A Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, a judge for the Surrey Photographic Association and a public speaker, she is also co-founder of f11 Workshops, providing photography day tours and workshops in Surrey, West Sussex and London.

Rachael's images have been published in books and both print and online magazines and have been exhibited widely in the UK as well as in Barcelona and New York. She is represented by Arte Gallery, Weybridge where she will be holding a solo exhibition in October. Although Rachael likes to travel, she is also an advocate for finding compositions in one's local landscape.

Linda Wevill


Linda is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. She has exhibited widely and has had many images shown in exhibitions throughout the UK and beyond, including the National Theatre and the Royal Albert Hall in London, and at the Huangshan Yixian International Festival in China where 20 chosen images from the RPS International Print Exhibition 2014 were shown.

In 2012 Linda had a joint exhibition entitled “Spirit of the Coast” followed by a solo exhibition entitled “By the Shoreline”. Linda has had work published including, in 2015, a feature in the Western Morning News and Advanced Photographer Magazine and was the Featured Photographer in On Landscape magazine. She has gained awards and medals in many international salons.

Linda gives presentations of her work and now judges at the national/international level. Linda considers that in photography the camera is just a tool and how the changing light is chosen reflects the photographer’s vision and what they are trying to communicate. She aims to capture the essence of a place and to portray the colour, texture, shape, form and vitality of the scene before her.

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