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Aman Agrawal, Jason Riley, Kenneth Meijer & Pessons Vest

Aman Agrawal

I am a software developer by day and an obsessive photographer at all times. I am truly fascinated by the art of creating order from the apparent chaos of the natural world and attempting to interpret the world around me in the process. Thanks to photography I get to hone this skill closer to where I live and work, in a local woodland that Google Maps probably doesn't even know (or bothered to know) about.


Jason Riley

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves exploring the outdoors. Naturally I love being outside and living close to the Peak District gives me endless opportunities to be on a ridge or a granite edge. I'm working full time in a proper job which leaves me constantly looking out the window examining the clouds and weather wishing I was somewhere else. I mainly capture classic landscape photographs, however I've been leaning towards more artistic captures of the land.


Kenneth Meijer

My name is Kenneth Meijer and I live near Stockholm. After 42 years in the IT business, I am a full time nature and landscape amateur photographer.


Pessons Vest

topography / ruins / drosscape / land


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way.

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Aman Agrawal

Winter Awe

These pictures were made one December afternoon (this year) in a local woodland close to my office just south of Harrogate in North Yorkshire that I have been photographing for a year now and have become quite connected to.

The day started quite foggy and so my expectations were high but realistic because chances of me catching it during the only 1 hour I get during lunch, were next to zero. However, when I got out the fog was still very dense all over the place but the light was very flat. After about 15 minutes, MAGIC happened! Sun started piercing through the thick fog and started bathing the landscape in delicate cotton-ish light, revealing textures, forms and shapes as if to claim the land from the mystical grasp of fog.

Right before my eyes, the fog slowly started disappearing and the all too familiar land started coming to fore as if waking up after a long hard winter night's sleep. "I somehow must get this drama unfolding into my camera", I thought! I admit I started with a bit of a scatter gun approach as the drama was rapidly evaporating, but eventually I settled in. I just felt that the forms, shapes and textures and the mood would be better conveyed in black and white despite the colours being a romantic mix of warm and cold.


Jason Riley

Autumn Impressions

The 4 images I've chosen for this piece is my interpretation of Autumn with it's close relationship with trees.

Everyone knows how magical the colours of Autumn are with it's blaze of oranges, reds and yellows. It's a special time of year as nature prepares itself for the change of season to winter.

I'm really drawn to creating an image using intentional movement as for me it provides something unique. Seeing this subject as movement really creates an artistic painting like image which can create a more atmospheric image.

The images were taken in an area full of Silver Birch trees within the same area of the Peak District when Autumn was in full flow.

Kenneth Meijer

Norra Kvills National Park

Norra Kvills national park is one of Sweden’s 29 national parks. The park is founded in 1927 and is located about 250 kilometers southwest Stockholm. The park is inaccessible, with large differences in elevation as soon as you pass the entrance.

The park opens into an enchanting world with undulating carpets of moss, many boulders, thick spruce and pine giants and tarns strewn with water lilies. As an untouched forest in southern Sweden, the central parts of Norra Kvill embody uniquely high quality with great nature values. The area also is a significant attraction. Norra Kvill is no primeval forest, but it seems extremely old and wild because it has remained intact for more than 150 years. There are pine trees here that are more than 350 years old and spruce giants measuring no less than 2.5 metres in circumference and standing 35 metres high.

Pessons Vest

Concrete Ears,  Denge Marsh UK

Above or below are a series of photographs of the swamped and poignant ruins of the longest of three concrete ears used to detect aircraft for a few months in 1932 at Denge Marsh, until radar and gravel extraction left them to drown.

Smattered discordantly outwards from this sagging basin on the peripheral wetlands of Romney Marsh are various sonic, nautical, aeronautical, industrial, logistical, military, botanical, geological and inexplicable relics, structures and activities.



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