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This Land Book Launch

Talk by Joe Cornish & Roly Smith

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer. His personal website is www.joecornishphotographer.com/

Back in April Joe Cornish and Roly Smith hosted an event at The Joe Cornish gallery, to talk about the launch of their new book 'This Land'.

This book brings together the inspiring photographs from Joe Cornish and the countryside writer Roly Smith. The book includes fifty places that Joe and Roly have chosen that represent the variety of landscape across Britain.

In this talk, Joe and Roly talk about how they chose the fifty images from the many they could have included and share insights into their favourites from the book.

You can also read the review of 'This Land' in this issue


  • Geoff Kell

    Thanks Joe and Roly for a very enjoyable talk, and great book to go with it!. Thanks also to Tim for putting this and other talks up, it’s great to be able to enjoy them virtually when it’s not practical to be able to get there in person :)

  • Michael White

    Excellent talk with some amazing places discussed. Does anyone know the name of the large round fossils in he foreground of the last photograph at Saltwick Bay? I recently saw these and have tried to research them but cannot find out what they are.

  • warwick81

    starting to read ‘This Land’ birthday present, I imagine that Roly Smith was a Dennis Healey eyebrow fan ;-) (p9+11)

  • prashant khapane

    stunning stunning book.

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