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Rupert Nicholson, Andrew Wheatley, Marc Hermans & Krister Berg

Rupert Nicholson

I graduated in Photography in 1980 from Art college. I have 30 years of Forensic Photography experience at Major Crime Scenes. I have been taking Landscape Photographs for the last five years. Although most of my work is shot on digital, I have set up a dark room and been printing from medium and large format negatives.

Andrew Wheatley

I am very fortunate to live on the North Devon coast, and most of my photography is centered around the coast near to my home. I find continued inspiration in the fleeting weather and the constantly changing face of the coastline.


Marc Hermans

Landscape photographer, living in The Netherlands.



I started a career as a outdoor and landscape photographer here and become a member of /N (Naturfotograferna). But as time went by I did more work as a commercial photographer in the costal town of Piteå. And I got lost...lost all my inspiration, got another job and didn't do any photography for about 10 years. But last year, now living in Stockholm, I found inspiration and creativity again as an amateur photographer.


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Rupert Nicholson

Imaginary mountains


This selected series is about using monochrome, and making drama from selected components like clouds, prominent rock structures and trees. I have used the filtering of colour in Lightroom 5 to arrive at the required effect. in addition to the filtering, I try to make the images graphically strong.

When making these images I am mindful of various motivations and reflection such as wild place writers, Victorian Poets and Photographers like Bill Brandt and Ansel Adams.

Andrew Wheatley



The strand that links these pictures together is they are all the remains of man made structures which can be found along a short stretch of the North Devon coast where I live. As with many human attempts to inhabit and tame the sea all have failed and now are at the mercy of the weather and tides and are more beautiful because they have been re-crafted by nature.


Marc Hermans

Autumn Colours, Scotland


In autumn 2014 I travelled in Scotland for three months to shoot a portfolio which has resulted in the self-published book “Scotland: A Landscape Photographer’s Journey”. It’s hard to put into words how this trip has affected me, being in the landscape for such a long time, thinking about photography, art, being creative and meanwhile photographing the beautiful nature. Being an avid jazz lover, I started to refer to the trip is “my jazzy journey” because I had to improvise a lot, and also because I found out I loved to play some standards as well as coming up with original tunes.


Krister Berg

Imaginary mountains


This photos are made in a truly magnificent mountain area of Southern Lapland. The weather was to nice for landscape photography. The sun was blazing from a nearly clear blue sky. So I started to watch the crags in the riverbed of a small mountain stream. Suddenly a new world started to materialise. The next sunny day i continued my search in another stream and found more. I gave the images a little push in Lightroom, adjusting contrasts and vignette, but not colours!

This summer my wife and I are staying in Saxnäs, Southern Lapland on a five weeks vacation. We used to live here in the 90s. Surrounded by high mountains with true wilderness.



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