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Below Zero

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

Landscape photography has been a lifelong passion and I consider myself extremely fortunate, firstly to live in Scotland which has so many wonderful photographic locations and secondly to have had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful parts of the world to pursue my photographic interests.



As a lover of simple landscape compositions, I have always been attracted to winter conditions. It seems, however, that prolonged snow has become a rarity in Scotland where I live so the appeal of northern latitudes is considerable. The prospect of guaranteed pristine snow and ice is, I find, irresistible, and a recent visit to the Lofoten Islands in February provided the conditions I find so appealing. The four images here will, I hope, provide a snapshot of the type of photography I greatly enjoy.

untitled-124February16 Lofoten-196March2016 Lofoten-140February2016 Lofoten-136February2016

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