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Light and dark

Ruth Grindrod

Ruth Grindrod

Ruth Grindrod is a landscape photographer living in Norfolk in the UK.  I   like to  work in a variety of landscapes but favour sea and  coastal  photography.  I  believes that the end product in photography is a quality  print and this is what I  strive to produce   for My work has been published both in the UK and abroad.  



These four photographs were shot of the amazing Isle of Harris Scotland. I believe all photographers feel the same about Harris and Lewis; it's a stunning place with the constantly changing weather, light and mood that keeps you constantly wanting more. This makes for an awful lot of photos of this Isle...............so when I was there last in the winter, I wanted to create photos that were good pictures not just images of dramatic scenery.

I focused on light and dark parts of the image in terms of colour and tone and mood. Two shots were shot quite clearly at the end of the day and two early mornings in a gale that had me digging the tripod deep into the sand! Each shot focuses on the essentials in the image, e.g., the beach curve and the curve of the mountains or the waves and the beach. They are processed to best demonstrate this using curves in Photoshop CS6 and some simple adjustments in LR6. Hopefully, these four photos show the mood of Harris as well as the drama of the landscape.

Harris dreams 4 by 4  (1 of 1) Seilebost beach and house  (1 of 1) Light and dark 4 by 4  (1 of 1) Seilebost at dusk 4 by 4  (1 of 1)

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