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Bole Hill and Lawrence Field Winter

Stewart Gregory

Stewart Gregory

I am a commercial property lawyer who originally trained as an architect; during that training my parents bought me a Minolta X-300 to assist with my studies. I became more serious about my photography about ten years ago and today consider myself an enthusiastic amateur. I concentrate mainly on landscape images and am equally happy whether by the coast or out on the hills.


I put together these images after a winter trip to Bole Hill and Lawrence Field near Hathersage in the Peak District. It is a location that has become popular with photographers, particularly when mist envelopes the beech trees, or when the purple heather is in full bloom (see the brilliant work of Dav Thomas, or the location guide to this area featured in On Landscape issue 2). However, with limited photography time available to me I rarely have the luxury of catching such favourable conditions.

Recently I have found myself enjoying the challenge of smaller scale landscapes. It’s been a deliberate choice to move away from “grand vistas” that require exceptional skies and unforgettable light to do them justice: rather to enjoy the conundrum of making interesting compositions from the smaller elements of the landscape.

Finally, I like to have specific projects to work on – something to give me a goal for my photography. Small sets of images that work together as panels, therefore, fit the bill for me.

These images were taken on a typically bad light day in the depths of last winter. The forecast had looked promising, but the weather gods failed to deliver, serving up a very flat light that had all but disappeared in a snow storm by 2.30pm. Concentrating on small details gave me images that I thought would work well together as a panel. They have been processed and toned to enhance the cold light of the winter’s day.

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