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The Auvergne in Winter

Robin Sinton

Robin Sinton

I've been a photographer since Fox-Talbot was leaning out of his window at Lacock. But as a top video editor specialising in music programmes, I travelled over Europe working at concerts with Queen, Simple Minds, Brian May, Erasure and Simply Red. This did get in the way for a lot of years, and it has only been in the last ten years that I've had more time to seriously give to my photography.


The Auvergne in Winter is a new experience for me. I’ve been there several times in Summer, and I’ve thought about going there in Autumn but never quite made it. David Ward organised a trip this year in March, and it seemed like a good time to see the area in winter. However, the climate is so variable it was only the higher areas that were fully snowbound. It’s fascinating, but you have to go high to get the right conditions. Another year and the snow level could be right down. We stayed in Le Mont-Dore, right in the centre of the area and explored many of the valleys in the snow covered regions.

The weather wasn’t great, but there is a difference between what I wanted as a photographer and what I might have wanted as a tourist. The pictures show only a small variety of what you can find. There is much more, and it all looks different and is totally unspoilt. Hire some snow shoes, and you are ready to go. There are areas which are totally unspoilt, the Vallee de Chaudefour, the Lac de Servieres, the hills behind Chambon-sur-Lac. There are all sorts of places which you can explore yourself. I guarantee it will look different.Try it.

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