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Charlotte Parkin

Charlotte Parkin

Head of Marketing & Sub Editor for On Landscape. Dabble in digital photography, open water swimmer, cooking buff & yogi.

conference-banner-960This weekend we're up in Penrith for our Meeting of Minds Conference. If you can't make it this weekend, we are live streaming our event for free for all of our readers.

You can tune in here:

Schedule for Conference

The schedule of the conference is on our website. The live streaming has one amendment which is Simon Norfolk talk's won't be filmed and instead we'll be broadcasting David Ward's talk from the Conference in 2014.


Green Room

The green room talks are straight after the speakers talks whilst the rest of us will be having a coffee break. So this is your opportunity to ask questions to the speakers. David Ward and Tim Parkin will be hosting the green room. Any questions, please either email them in to me, Tweet us a question or use the live chat on YouTube.

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