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Monochrome Landscapes

Alex Farrow-Hamblen

Alex Farrow-Hamblen

Alex Farrow-Hamblen (21) is a self-taught amateur photographer, specialising in monochrome landscapes from Yarm-on-Tees, England. At twelve, I saw myself as a budding artist! Then, I got my first camera: a Kodak EasyShare M853. A digital screen and 8.3 MP, I was ‘over the moon’ on photoshoots in my back garden!


My interest in landscape photography

If I were to define my current style, I enjoy taking monochrome (B&W) landscapes. I feel as a landscape photographer colour can, at times, distract the eye. With B&W however, it can emphasise natural light, add depth, accentuate shadow and aids the perception of scale. With this, I feel B&W lends itself to Mountain scapes. The peaks, swirling clouds and mystique of the World’s most iconic summits, once stripped back in B&W, adds intrigue and mystery; something that can inspire us all. Being a lad from the North East England, one of my earliest inspirations was Joe Cornish and his wonderful portrayal of Roseberry Topping and the North Yorkshire Moors. To this day, I keep my JC calendar close and have shared many stories whilst abroad with fellow photographers about his work; isn’t it a small World?

Why I love photography and my future plans

Images inspire. I feel at a time where conversation is seen as a ‘dying art’, photography can communicate; able to engage individuals of all ages, sex, backgrounds and cultures. My mantra is if it catches your eye, makes you smile, think or identify with a particular place or person, you are on to a winner. Above all, just have some fun! I would love to continue my adventures in the Alps (that is if my University friends invite me back!) Having had my bridge camera for a year now, in the future I would love to invest in a DSLR, lenses and a tripod having borrowed a GoPro Tripod this Summer. The latter would help me on tricky terrain and would help eradicate the pitfall faced by young amateur photographers: the excited ‘shake’, especially in low light - keeping my shots sharp and reducing the dreaded wobble on my next adventure!

Monchrome Landscapes

Each of these shots were taken high above the town of Zermatt in the Swiss Alps; on the lakeside of Lake Riffelsee, overlooking the Matterhorn and surrounding glaciers (Gornergletsher) - Summer, 2016.









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