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Story of a Beach

Alex Wrigley

Alex Wrigley

Amateur landscape and equine photographer focusing (pun intended) on capturing nature at it's finest.



Silecroft beach is just minutes from my house, and at first glance there's not much there to inspire a landscape photographer. Foreground interest and all the perceived necessities of a photograph are lacking, but once you delve a little deeper that becomes immaterial.

I know the stretch of coastline like the back of my hand, and it's an ongoing project to capture the multitude of moods it evokes. There's waves, there's power, there's serenity. But above all there is wind. Movement is a must for this location, and I've aimed to capture as much of that as possible along with the constantly changing north-western weather conditions.

The main objective to this series is simply to illustrate that those 'rules' that many photographers follow blindly need not be applied in every single photograph, and they might not be the best way to capture to mood of a location.

thefisherman the-waves the-isle-of-man the-headland

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