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Short Moments

Jason Riley

Jason Riley

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer who loves exploring the outdoors. Naturally I love being outside and living close to the Peak District gives me endless opportunities to be on a ridge or a granite edge. I'm working full time in a proper job which leaves me constantly looking out the window examining the clouds and weather wishing I was somewhere else. I mainly capture classic landscape photographs, however I've been leaning towards more artistic captures of the land.



Situated on the edge of the Peak District lies an area of 'Forestry Commission' woodland known as Bottom Moor and Farley Moor just above Matlock. Due to it's location the area is prone to fog and mist and on the right day, the whole area is enveloped by blanket of mist.

All these images were taken whilst on the way to work, completely unplanned and spontaneous. I say unplanned, I always keep my wellies and camera in the car, just in case. I named the series "Short Moments" as I never took more than 15 minutes taking the shots, before I was back in the car on my way to work.

 down-there bottom-moor bottom-moor-forest farley-moor

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