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Canary Wharf

Nick Joyner

Nick Joyner

I have been taking photographs with various types of camera for 40 years and spent quite a lot of time learning monochrome darkroom techniques. I have attended a number of landscape workshops since 2010; these have certainly helped move my photography on, though whether in the right direction is for you to judge!


In November 2015 I went to Canary Wharf; it was a rather foggy day and I hoped for shots of towers disappearing into mist. These did not materialise but the conditions were such as to provide quite beautiful reflections of the buildings in the water of Millwall Docks. The first image is from that day.

The first image is from that day.  Having just returned from a workshop on ICM and multiple exposure (with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey) I returned a few days ago in similar conditions. The last three images are from that shoot.30655948876_c34521af23_o 30655952446_573b3e751b_o 30061012274_fa770eb524_o 23585879155_f4b3521081_k

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