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Ellie Davies

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Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies (Born 1976) lives in Dorset and works in the woods and forests of Southern England. She gained her MA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2008. Davies is represented by Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery in the UK, Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milan, Susan Spiritus Gallery in California, A.Galerie in Paris and Brussels and Brucie Collections in Kiev. Davies’ work is on show at 10 Gresham Street in the City of London from 10th September 2020 until the end of January 2021. The exhibition is a collaboration with Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery and is curated by Vanessa Brady at VJB Arts. Recent exhibitions include Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley, Idaho in early 2020 and a touring exhibition for The Imperial Hospital Trust at Charing Cross and St Mary’s Hospitals in London throughout 2019.

Her Fires series was selected as a Finalist in the Klompching NY Fresh 2019 Summer Show and Stars 8 was awarded ‘Fine Art Single Image Winner’ in the Magnum Photography Awards 2017 which was exhibited at The Photographers Gallery in London.

Davies was recently featured in Rakes Progress Magazine, Ernest Journal, Zoom Magazine Italy and China Life Magazine, Gardens Illustrated and National Geographic.


Michéla Griffith

In 2012 I paused by my local river and everything changed. I’ve moved away from what many expect photographs to be: my images deconstruct the literal and reimagine the subjective, reflecting the curiosity that water has inspired in my practice. Water has been my conduit: it has sharpened my vision, given me permission to experiment and continues to introduce me to new ways of seeing.


Back in July 2016 On Landscape included a piece that Ellie Davies had written about her then forthcoming exhibition 'Into the Woods' at the Crane Kalman Gallery in London. Ellie has been working predominantly in forests since 2007 exploring both her own and our wider, relationship with them and with the landscape. Her images have reached a wide audience, and we thought it would be interesting to talk to her about her work and about the way in which we perceive nature and the landscape.

MG: Would you like to start by talking a little about yourself and telling readers about your background?

ED: I have always been interested in photography. My dad had a darkroom when we were young. He and his best friend were very interested in black and white photography, and they taught my sister and me to print. Then I did a lot of sculpture at school and thought I was going to be a sculptor. I did an art foundation course, and quite quickly I realised that I wasn’t sure how to be a working artist at that age. I went on to do a psychology degree, which I loved, but I didn’t want to become a psychologist. It was more a way of trying to find out about where I was going to end up. I really missed making things, and I managed to get elements of creativity in my life by doing a bit of sculpture and jewellery making. But I was just desperate to get some creativity back as part of my work.

Silent, Dark and Deep 7, 2008

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