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No Leaves

Idse Herrema

Idse Herrema

Idse Herrema

I am very much an amateur enthusiast photographer, starting early with a kodak instamatic, with stepwise improvements in kit moving through SLR and autofocus, which was a revelation, to digital SLR and recently to mirrorless SLR. My career in hospital medicine limited photography to family, holidays and then photography holidays.

Dissatisfaction with results from digital coincided with joining a club, giving me an outlet for images, with honest feedback and huge leap forward in the quality of my photography – and many good friends. It also taught me the power of the digital darkroom, which I only use in very limited measure. The strive to perfection and deletion of distracting elements from an image is an emperor with no clothes.

Favourite photography is that of scenes which we see for a split second only: the photograph allows us to spend unlimited time with that moment: wildlife, cloudscapes, seascapes etc etc.


My limited time for photography dictates that I accept and have learned to work with whatever weather I get. Trees and nature have to adapt similarly, to soil, wind and water, slopes, stone, cliffs - anything really. Failure to them means death! 

Trees without leaves show their intricate shapes and fantastic blend of rigidity and flexibility to cope with the wind, water in all its forms, and water's weight. Ice and snow weigh trees down, and only those branches survive which are either small enough not to have collected water or strong enough to carry it.

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