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Train Window Landscapes

Rob Friel

Rob Friel

I started taking photography more seriously when the advent of slide scanners, photoshop and the ability to print for myself made decent quality images possible at home without a darkroom. Although I’d describe myself as a landscape and nature photographer I find myself Increasingly interested in abstract images. I recently achieved my ARPS in fine art with a series of landscape images created using my mobile phone, which I love for its spontaneity.



I spend every day commuting into London, frustrated looking out of the train windows at the moods of the Chilterns.  So I decided to see what I could do with my ever present iPhone and a few apps, notably SlowShutter and Snapseed.

There is no point in aiming for sharpness etc through filthy train windows, battling reflections etc and the seas encourage me to focus more on capturing the mood of the day, be that the weather or how I'm feeling on an Instagram feed.  There are many more on the feed but these four give a feeling without being the most challenging.

Rain Glow Golden Fields Sunny Day

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