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I had a dream – The Galápagos Islands

Kenneth Meijer

Kenneth Meijer

My name is Kenneth Meijer and I live near Stockholm. After 42 years in the IT business, I am a full time nature and landscape amateur photographer.


During the second half of the 1960s I saw a few 30 minutes TV programs on Swedish television. As I watched them a dream was born – a dream of someday being able to visit this archipelago myself. The dream became a reality in November 2016 after 18 months of planning – it was time for an adventure to South America with the Galápagos’ Islands as the highlight for me.

When we think about the Galápagos Islands we envision encounters with birds, sea lion, iguanas, etc. Animals that aren’t shy or reserved which gives you the opportunity to get really close to them. But when I finally got there I realised that the scenery was an equally good experience. November means drought season - on the volcanic islands - during which the landscape is characterised by trees and bushes that are withered and therefore appear to be dead. The use of this bare landscape when I created my images was really interesting.

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