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Hans Strand

Hans Strand

Hans Strand is an internationally recognised photographer who has received numerous awards for his work and published three books. He lives near Stockholm in Sweden.

In the beginning of my photography career, I could not think of shooting landscapes formed by man. I was entirely focusing on the natural and untouched wilderness. I wanted to bring beautiful images from the wild out to the readers of magazines and books. I hiked up and down in the remotest of the Swedish mountains. This to find landscapes which had never had been photographed before. I travelled across the globe to look for the sublime creations of Mother Nature herself. Not until I started to travel to the high Arctic had I any interest in landscapes moderated by man. In and around the the Inuit settlements of Greenland and Nunavut, and the coal mines of Svalbard, I found traces of the presence of mankind and of a kind which changed the course of my photography. I now consider man as the greatest creator and destroyer on top of the crust of the earth.

Greenhouses Andalucia

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  • I am so glad you wrote about Rio Tinto and shared your images, firstly because they are stunning, secondly, because I hope it will draw people’s attention to the environmental damage of this beautiful area. I visited this place last year and was shocked by the industrial scale of the mines. Perhaps it is time to ask ourselves if our greed for resources is sustaining our lifestyle, not necessity.

    • Thanks Beata, yes I was shocked how large this mining area is. How can it be possible to get permits for such land destruction with following environmental disaster? An enigma to me.

  • Beautiful and important work, Hans. Thank you!

    • Thanks Guy, your comment means a lot to me.

      Cheers / Hans

  • Adam Pierzchala

    Wonderful images Hans; Rio Tinto #3 stands out for me with its almost cataclysmic colour contrasts. I’m not a great fan of modern abstract paintings, which this image reminds me of, but here the violent reds are somehow softened by the calming blues resulting in a harmonious, colourful and balanced composition. What a pity that such beauty is unintentional and at the same time so destructive!
    Your b&w conversions are also nicely balanced and very intriguing.

    • Thanks Adam! Yes it is a pity that these are the colours of poison.

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