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Woodland Seasons

Alan Howe

Alan Howe

Born and still living in Devon I’ve been into photography since I was a teenager but have somehow slipped into landscape photography in the last 6 years. I never considered myself as ‘arty’ as I’m useless with a pencil so the camera is my way of creating art. I’ve always been happier outdoors so it was a natural progression to shoot landscapes.


I discovered these woods one spring while walking locally in search of bluebells and have been back many times since in all seasons. They’re a bit of a local secret and during the majority of the year are free of other people so a great place to get headspace. That said, once word gets out the bluebells are in flower they can get a bit overrun with photographers, apparently.

It’s a great wood for me as it’s less than 5 minutes drive from home and if I can’t see the hill it sits on from home due to mist or fog I can grab my kit and pop up. I’ll generally spend a good couple of hours wandering around taking in the atmosphere and trying to be quiet in case I get a glimpse of the herd of roe deer that live here. These shots were taken through the seasons as it’s a beautiful place to be all year. My partner, Philippa Starkey, and I did get a thorough soaking one day when it was pouring with rain which tested our kit somewhat. Even so, we had a great time trying to find compositions and watching out for the deer.

I chose these images as I think they show the diversity of images that can be made in a small space all year round.

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