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Spittal Rock

Alan Ranger

Alan Ranger

I am a full-time photography educator. Running workshops, courses and supporting individuals in their pursuit of their love of photography at all levels.


Spittal beach is one of my favourite spots on the Northumbrian coastline. The sandstone rock formations are simply magical and rich in colour, texture and shapes.

I made these, and few more, in the space of a 3hr visit there recently. The difficulty in making the shots was not seeing what I wanted to frame, but setting up the angle/distance and very awkward positioning of myself, the tripod and then ensuring the DoF was as even and controlled as I could get it.

The first shot took around 30mins to perfect - a process that I really enjoyed and a result that I am pretty chuffed with, which is unusual for me!

All 4 frames are uncropped and exactly as framed in camera using a Samyang 24mm TS lens on a Sony A99.

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