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West Harris

Mike Prince

Mike Prince

Mike Prince Landscape photographer living in the Lake District. Photographing across the Lakes, Wales, Scotland and the Scottish Islands. I prefer dark days and bad weather- they allow the landscape to show through. The most frequent comment made on my images is 'moody'; I try to convey a sense of what the place looked like and more importantly felt like to 'me' at that moment.I like images where you can smell the rain and feel the wind on your face.


Harris is a capricious muse. Weather conditions are handed out in random fashion at best and seemingly with spite at worst. Rewarding light has to be earned through multiple visits, much suffering and damaged equipment. These four images we all taken on a recent visit when just enough windows of opportunity were presented during a wet and exceptionally windy week. For me, Harris is about Rock, Sea, Sand and Light and each one focuses on these elements.

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