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The Millenaries Pines Loricati of Pollino

Antonio Aleo

Antonio Aleo

I am a passionate about landscape photography; I live in my birthplace, Calabria, a wonderful place with almost wild flavour, combining sea, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests and hilly landscapes. I find my greatest inspiration in photographing the heart of the forests of the great Calabrian parks, experiencing a huge sense of creative freedom.


The rare and millenaries Pini Loricati of the Pollino National Park, Calabria, Italy. Rarely because specimens of these living sculptures live exclusively on the peaks of Pollino and the Balkans, centuries because there are 900 years old specimens.

The living specimens are thrown on the panorama, dominating from above from every corner and from every view. There are also dead specimens, which make the scenario dark.

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