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Ocean Motion

Phil Starkey

Phil Starkey

Phil Starkey is a self taught landscape photographer whose work is mostly concentrated around the Cornish coast and Dartmoor. Phil is at her happiest standing on a clifftop or Tor somewhere being battered by the wind and the rain.


The Cornish coast is somewhere that I’ve spent the majority of my life so far and I feel I have quite a connection with it. I’ve spent time playing in the sea as a child, watched it for hours to help calm my mind in my teens, competed in rowing events on it as an adult, even sadly known people lose their lives both in or on it. It’s like an old familiar friend and, due to its unpredictability, a stranger at the same time. Cornwall has a spectacular coastline with a lot to offer photographers, and the four images that I’ve chosen are all from here each showing a slightly different sea state and motion, ranging from the very calm to the slightly more moody. Photographing it in my adult years has definitely brought our relationship even closer.

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