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Failure leads to success

Lee Rolfe

Lee Rolfe

I'm a largely self taught photographer, starting aged 15, with a back ground in wedding and portraiture. I now work for a photographic retailer teaching photography to customers, my biggest passion in life is landscape photography and all that it has to offer.


The Alarm sounds at 03:30, kettle on, the thermos filled and a bacon butty in hand, I get in the car and drive a couple of hours to my sunrise destination, filled with excitement and anticipation of what wonderful sights the sunrise will allow me to capture in camera... Well that's the romantic version!

Sometimes our best made plans don't always work out, so when things go awry, the weather doesn't turn out quite like the reports suggested, persevere and keep pushing for an image, after all, you've made all that effort to get to your location.

My shoot at Clevedon pier is one such example, I arrived shortly before sunrise in the hope of catching side lighting on the pier it's self, however, the bank of fog that greeted me on arrival; I have never seen anything quite like it before or since. Although the pier wasn't visible at all, I wasn't going to let that stop me and began to look for images that were interesting to me, concentrating on the rock along the sea front, eventually, the fog lifted just enough to see the pier.

My Hove and Durdle Door images follow a similar storey of the shoot's not quite going to plan and through determination end up with images I enjoy.

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