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Giele Botter (Yellow Butter)

Carlo Didier

Carlo Didier

I'm an IT professional. Photography has been one of my hobbies for over 30 years. My other hobbies are Sci-Fi books and doing Agility with one of our dogs.
My photographic highlight was in 2008 when I had a small exhibition of my own with the theme "Old City of Luxembourg" in B&W.
I like to travel and the Scottish Highlands and Islands have taken my heart since our first visit in 1992, which is also why a big part of my pictures show Scottish landscapes.


The "Giele Botter" (Yellow Butter) is at the centre of an abandoned open mining area for iron ore, which I still remember being active when I was a kid. It's now mostly a nature reserve used by walkers, joggers and mountain bikers (though, officially they are not allowed there). Our dogs get their daily 16-20km walks there. Many paths criss-cross the whole area and you can widely vary your walks, between open air and more wooded parts, ideal when the summer heat gets too much.

The red rocks (from the iron ore) and the birches give a nice contrast and there's a lot of moss on the rocks in certain parts. And then there are the flowers. Lots of them in many colours, changing through the months. Including over 20 varieties of wild orchids. So far we have only identified half a dozen! Not far away, at the "Tëtelbierg", there are excavations of Roman settlements.


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