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Different Corners of the UK

Sara Cremer

Sara Cremer

I am predominantly self-taught landscape and seascape photographer. I live in Yorkshire but part of the joy I get from photography combining it with travel so I find I photograph across the UK.


I started photography as a hobby around 6 years ago now. I have had many hobbies in my time but this has been the one that has lasted the longest! There is always something new to discover, different light or different weather conditions to be had that can completely transform the landscape. I am most at home by the sea or by water, its where I find peace. The coast is so unpredictable but this just means you never know what you're going to get on any given day and that’s part of the fun!

The images I have chosen are a mix from across the UK. When I first started out I predominantly shot black and white images and gained my LRPS in that format. Although I do use a lot of colour in my images today I still find I often revert back to processing in monochrome and the impact of those images can be striking.


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