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Fabrizio Marocchini

Fabrizio Marocchini

I am an ICT professional and for me photography is a passion. I love nature, I like hiking and explore it, from the mountains to the sea...all the elements! I love staying for hours waiting for the right light... with my camera, my tripod and my emotions...thinking of the composition and listening to the sound of the sea. Thanks in advance to all the people that will appreciate my work.


Asturias, wild land, a thousand faces between the high-carved cliffs that look at the ocean and play with it. A walk in early June, when the spring gives way to summer timidly bursting.

Blue skies changing face leaving the clouds drawn whatever they want.
So the lighthouse lights, the fishermen's work, the scent of grilled fish, the acidic flavour of Sidra poured from above get mixed ... all in a single feeling of cheerfulness and desire to celebrate.

This is Asturias. In these photos, I wanted to trap the deafening noise of the sea, which, with its waves, tide and colours, is for me the absolute protagonist.

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