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Fire / Unseen

Harris Steinman

Harris Steinman

Harris Steinman, originally a self-taught-photographer, has been photographing for over 40 years, since the age of 15.

Growing up in a quiet rural farming environment, he has immersed into the “noisy” world of science, people, and cities, resulting in a considerable influence on his visual interpretation of his surroundings. Later he began an informal mentorship and took various workshops, masterclasses, shifting his image-making into a more conscious and conceptually driven context.


These images are of the residual marks left by water receding from the shoreline – an area of the conjunction of a river with the sea. These images have a deep personal resonance. They are influenced by Alfred Stieglitz’s “Equivalents”.

The influential psychologist, Carl Jung, was deeply concerned with our present disconnection from the environment. In his essay “Mind and Earth”, Jung offers a vision of earth that claims that earth must be transcended for consciousness. He implies that earth is in a deep way connected to mind.

In essence, my landscape images have great emotional resonance with me and related to my fairly isolated upbringing in a very small farming town. My images are in general of spaces that should be very ‘visible’ to any viewer, but some-how, in the way I compose the image, gives the viewer the impression that they did not see that context. I feel that my inner psychological terrain results in me unconsciously composing these images in a way that evokes emotions in me, and often within viewers too, and therefore consider these images to be influenced and similar to Alfred Stieglitz’s “Equivalents”.

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