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Imaginary Nature

Mattia Oliviero

Mattia Oliviero

I am lucky in living in a small city in the Italian Alps with beautiful places for hiking. Since 2008 I have started using a camera to capture what I like about the landscape close to where I live. Landscape photography allows me to express my creativity and at the same time enjoying the nature.

At the beginning of my journey into landscape photography, I was fascinated by grand views and dramatic sunrises and sunsets. Too often my approach was to looking for a place, finding a good composition and then waiting for the “best” light to come. It was just a mechanical process without the passion and the love I feel every time I go into nature.

Thanks to many photographers, who have really inspired me, lately I have begun to look at the landscape in a more intimate and personal way. These images are a glimpse on little details which have sparked my imagination in the last year. Something of mine, and something about how I feel when I am out in nature.

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