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Lake Te Anau, New Zealand

David Cary

David Cary

I am interested in monochrome ink based printmaking, carbon transfer, photopolymer gravure and inkjet. I work with both digital and large format film. Sometimes I pretend to take people on photography tours in Fiordland, New Zealand.


Four images from an ongoing series of pinhole pictures. All are made in between bagging dog shit and chasing cats on my frequent walking micro expeditions to the stony shore of Lake Te Anau, New Zealand. Challenging myself to work with a wider perspective and giving up control of focus for an all over blur has, I feel, expanded my effective range. I am working with 5x4 Shanghai GP3 and a broken 90mm Wanderlust Travelwide Plastic Fantastic. I love the tonal subtlety of Shanghai in D23. Make your photography your life!

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