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Michael Hogg

Michael Hogg

Taking full advantage of the freedom to explore the countryside when a youngster, many an adventure, close shave, and scrapes were employed on a regular basis.

This love of the countryside developed into photography and the desire to share the countryside, with those whom don't have the opportunity to explore as I do. I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, so my photography is based on local rambles where varying conditions render the scenery in different ways each time I pass by.


Living at the foot of Ingleborough, the mountain was bound to become the re-occurring theme of my photography. But you know what, no matter how many times I return, the scene is rendered differently each time by the constantly changing seasons, weather, and time of day. In fact, I would say it's impossible to take the same image twice!

These are just a few aspects of Ingleborough depicting all four seasons, and different light conditions, showing the many features of this special mountain.

One could spend a lifetime photographing Ingleborough without ever capturing its full set of moods and features.

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