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Nearly White

Robert Romani

Robert Romani

I am a geophysicist, now retired and have lived in Scotland since 1986. Bought my first Nikon F in 1969 and went digital in 2001 with a 3Mp compact. Travel photography and landscape are my favourite subjects.


Proper winters are less frequent now, and to make the most of the occasional show I drive out towards the Cairngorms when the forecast looks favourable. These were taken while it was snowing, which I think gives a nice feel to the images.

Sometimes I have to use the car to shield the lens from the driving snow and briefly wind down the passenger window to take the shot. All images converted to black and white from the raw files, but there is hardly any colour to start with. Being out in the Scottish landscape is a great experience, but even better when you come home with a few half decent shots.

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